Entrare nel tempo, omaggio a L. R.
LA VOCE DI ORTICOLA - Podcast a tema botanico a cura di Orticola, 2023
in youtube, only italian version

CONTINENTE ITALIA. La mappa di Giovanna Forlanelli Rovati
Continente Italia, la mappa degli esperti in, 2021 
only Italian version

The aesthetics of catastrophe
by Mauro Ceolin in maize #49, 2019 on paper, 2020 on the web
only English version

Biologie convergenti
DiGRA Italia 2017. Testi, contesti e pretesti videoludici
Auditorium, Università IULM, Milano, 2017 
in Vimeo, only Italian version

2014 / memeZoology
by Valentina Tanni in, 2014
only English version

Interview with Mauro Ceolin
by Pau Waelder in #49, 2013
English and Castilian version

Mauro Ceolin: Rapporti di Rapidità
by Pau Waelder, Curator in SKL Gallery at Palma de Mallorca, ES, 2013
English, Catalan and Castilian version

Concierto para MP3
by Efe, Palma in, 2012 
only Castilian version

Concert de Mauro Ceolin a l'Aljub d'Es Baluard
in youtube Es Baluard Museum's channel, 2012
only Catalan version

Mauro Ceolin: Ethnography of the Imaginary
by Claudio Musso in Digimag, 2011 
English version Italian version

in Issuu, 2006/2016 
Various languages

BITMAP: as good as new
Catalogue of the group exhibition
The Leonard Pearlstein Gallery, Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts and Design, Drexel University. Curated by Marcin Ramocki, 2008 
only English version

Metapaisatges. Landscape and digital art
Catalogue of the group exhibition
curated by Pau Waelder at the Pilar and Joan Miró Foundation, 2007
Catalan, English and Castilian version

Interview: Mauro Ceolin: Emblems And Landscapes
by Mathias Jansson and Matteo Bittanti in Game Art Worlds: The Early Years, 2006 
English version Italian version

Intervista: Mauro Ceolin e gli Emblemi Contemporanei
by Matteo Bittanti in GameScenes. Art in the Age of Videogames, 2006 
only Italian version

Il gioco
by Domenico Quaranta in Drome magazine, 2005 
only Italian version

The uber-pop gamescapes of Mauro Ceolin
by Matteo Bittanti in EduEDA, The EDUcational Encyclopedia of Digital Arts, 2004 
English and Italian version

Pop Songes
by Marie Lechner in Liberation, 2004 
only French version

SolidLandscapes: un salto nell’iper-spazio
by Matteo Bittanti in Ludologica, 2004 
only Italian version

Mauro Ceolin – videogame_landscapes
by Domenico Quaranta, 2004 
only Italian version

L’oading – Videogiochi geneticamente modificati
by Valentina Tanni, 2003 
only Italian version

Piccolo è bello?
by Alfredo Sigolo, in exiwebart, 2003 
only Italian version

by Noema Staff, in noemalab, 2003 
English and Italian version

Mauro Ceolin – DebugLandscapes.03
by Domenico Quaranta, in exiwebart_project, 2003 
only Italian version

Landscapes. Paesaggi promozionali
by Valentina Tanni, testo critico per la serie “Promotional Landscapes”, 2002 
only Italian version